5th December

Hello guests and newcomers.

As you can see we haven't updated this blog for months, but that doesn't mean our server is offline, in fact, our community is getting better and larger every day, we have less technical errors with servers, bugs are less common and updates goes just one after another.

We had a great time with you, guys!

Without you, we wouldn't be here and without us, you wouldn't be here too! Hahaha, so I guess we're both deserved to get some presents, aren't we?
Christmas is coming and so are the presents, so we decided to organize some neat events, we'll hope you will enjoy it! Just try to be patient for a while:)) Haha (:

So yea, till the next time!


28th July

Hello dear fellas!

We fix'd some stuff and updated Starbase structures, hope it works well for now.

More updates upcoming!
Stay Tuned!

Make sure you enjoy the events!

17th July

More Updates on Ammunition and Charges section.

*Fixed some stuff with Cap Booster charges
*A lot of minor fixes, make sure you login to see the full changelog

15th July

*Fixed some minor bugs with shields
*updated ammunition section with bombs and missiles

working on Ammunition and Charges section.

Stay tuned.

12nd July

Updated database:
*new ships modifications ( both rigs and subsystems)
*fixed engineering skills

stay tuned, more updates to go!

1st July

Dear players, thanks for voting for our private server this month. 
Prizes are sent to those who voted the most!

Thanks again and don't forget that votes will be reset tomorrow and we need all to keep voting!

25th June

Server is offline and will be on after 1-2 hours.

Thanks for understanding!

Server is back online!