15th April

*The world of EVE is expanded EVEN MORE!

10th April

*Fixed an issue that stopped the safe logoff when exiting ISIS or the planet view.
*The notes tab is available again in the show info window for agents.
*Scan probes were warping too slowly when repositioned. This has been fixed.
*and A LOT ofther fixes....

3rd April

Fixed a crash issue when streaming with Twitch.
Twitch passwords containing special characters will now work.
Fixed an issue affecting camera zoom level after undock.

1st April

April fools everyone!

28th March

*Fixed black squares appearing on Ice planets.

22nd March

We've applied a few more fixes to core and database.

March 20th

As you may head, we're showing no mercy towards trolls who ruins the server community by insulting the staff and players. To keep youserlf up to date with the rules and bug fixes, please register an account.